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      Guangdong Ho's Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



       Guangdong Ho's Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of heavy vehicle axle assembly and suspension system. Ever since its inception, Ho's has been striving to provide the finest products that enhance its customers' profitability.

      Ho's currently works out of 39 thousand square meter in Foshan City, the industrial heartland of Pearl River Delta, China. As a result of an ambitious investment of more than 60 million yuan, the well equipped plant was built to serve an annual output capacity of 50,000 pieces of axles assemblies with weight ratings of 8 to 20 tons.

      In addition to a group of global-minded professionals, Ho's has introduced the ISO/TS16949:2009 to its manufacturing process to ensure the exquisite craftsmanship, complete set of advanced equipment and thorough inspection/testing system are well operated to generate the standard products conforming to customer requirements.
      Practicing the fundamental philosophy of "Integration, Innovation, and Excelling", Ho's has gained the reputation and respect of its customers by providing high quality axle products to the market these years.
      The needs of customers have always been the center of Ho's researching efforts. Among the many unique technologies that distinguish Ho's from its competitors, there are:
      1.Taper spindle design which is the widely used in the industry with proven performance
      2.Low-alloy machined spindles, friction welded seamlessly, and overall heat treating process
      3.Axle stubs and brake hubs are all mould forging, ensure they are more powerful and better steady
      4.Special clone-shape design on the axle-shoulders, lessening stress concentration and enhancing anti-fatigue performance
      5.Unique design on axle stubs (with a precise declination angel at both ends) to minimize tire wear
      6.National and industry standard compliant set components
      7.National Automobile Monitor and Inspection Center certified axle shaft that undergoes over 1.2 million times of Fatigue testing and built to meet or exceed national industry standards.
      Ho's, your ideal partner with a solid foundation of expertise. Hand in hand, we can build the future......


      Company Information :

      No. 3 Industry Zone, Yangmei Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City , Guangdong Province, P.R.C.

      Phone:(86) 757-88853222

      Phone:(86) 757-88853898

      Fax: (86) 757-88853000

      Email: sales@hos-unite.com


      Ho's Listing ceremony


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